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Our Law Firm
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Our Law Firm
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Our Law Firm

I.        Our Law Firm started its operation from 1900, our offices at Thessaloniki, in their present form, operate continually since 1947, oriented to business law and property and heritage management law. We are fourth generation lawyers, with first our great grandfather, who was a Lawyer during the Turkish occupation of Greece (since 1819).


II.      In our offices (Athens and Thessaloniki) are occupied more than 30 lawyers of all grades, plus our experienced assistant officers. 
III.       Τhe foreigner languages that are spoken are English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic (Syrian dialect).

IV.        The areas of law that our firm practices are the following:

  1. Corporate and Tax law cosultation of foreing companies (Off-Shore & Foreign Companies). 
  2. Energy projects, acqusitions, agreements, negotiations, internationl application of licenses.
  3. Company law (constitution - statutes – minutes of board of directors and general meetings- shareowners contracts - dissolution of companies), of all kind of Greek companies as well as the various kinds of law that are required for the the consultation of a company (eg labour law, penal law, contracts, compensations, corporate tax etc).
  4. Civil law with (immigration law, lease law, negotiations, contracts, process of contracting, claims, management and consulation of real estate with the coopearation of specialized consulting companies of the sector).
  5. International Contracts (meaning also litigation and arbitration).
  6. Corporate and Commercial Contracts (meaning also litigation and arbitration). 
  7. Mergers - Modifications (Transformations), Cessesion of sector, Split of company and Repurchases of Companies.
  8. Real estate developpment, consulation, formation and management of Developpment schemes in the form of Real Estate Funds and Developpment Companies at Balkan and Northern countries (former USSR).
  9. International Tax Planning (companies constitution & transformation – following of handling of the international transactions – following of invoices issued – following of international payments - preparing & checking tax declarations – following & checking tax payments – liquidation of companies). 
  10. Corporate Law of Balkan and Northern countries (former USSR).
  11. Banking law.
  12. Intellectual Property  Law – Registration of commercial signs and formulations at National, Community and International level and relevant court cases.

            It is naturally obvious that our office undertakes also all the affairs, that  do not belong in its main circle of activities, but result however from the business of the activities of our clients. 
            We must underline that in several cases in which our firm does not have a lawyer specialized in a certain area of law, that is required in order to resolve a legal problem of our client, we recommend and cooperate with other law firms, specialized in such areas of law.

V.        For many years we have developed a network of Law firms with which we collaborate in all Greece and in certain foreign countries. The most important of these are:

M.Kostov Law Firm of Bulgaria (Sofia).
Boris Megrelishvili Law Firm of Russia (Moscow).
Stavinchev Law Firm of Ukraine (Kiev).
Dingli and Dingli Law Firm of Malta (Valetta).
Marrache & Co Law Firm of Gibraltar.
David Capps & Co Law Firm of Isle of Man.

VI.        Our various clients, companies most of the, have usually a wide circle of affairs. In order provide them with top quality, speed and efficiency services, we try to maintain a small number clients.
VII.       It is important to understand that the consultation of our clients, has been undertaken by our firm and not by an individual lawyer of the firm, while the main person in charge of the cases of each company, remains always one (1) or two (2) of the collaborators of the office. This system is followed so that a continious collaboration and agreement with a specific collaborator each time exists, but each affair, is undertaken by the specialised in each sector of right collaborator of the office.

VIII.      Finally it is important to underline, that in the effort of our firm to upgrade the international character of the affairs that we undertake, we are, for nine years approximately, the only law firm of Thessaloniki that is reported in the Fairplay Law Services Directory, the only world directory of legal services, while our office is also mentioned in the international directory of law firms of Loyds of London, in the directory of SIMONS EUROPEAN LAW DIRECTORY, as well as in the International directory of  MARTINDALE - HUBBELL INTERNATIONAL LAW DIRECTORY.




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